We Can Help You in Other Areas Too

We also love to spend some time face-to-face; working with you to create a workplace where everyone wins! Here are just a few of the areas where we can help you.

Managing Change

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How to Survive and Thrive

During Times of Change  


This workshop helps participants to better understand the experience of transition in their lives, to better cope with the trauma that change often causes, and to embrace the opportunities that inevitably come with change.


Managing Through Transition     


This session provides leaders with the tools to support and successfully navigate and support employees through organizational change.


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Powerful Presentation Skills

Participants learn to speak with greater confidence, make persuasive and impactful presentations, and captivate their audiences with their message.


Constructive Feedback


This session highlights the benefits and characteristics of constructive feedback, how to communicate assertively, give and receive feedback effectively.


Resolving Conflict at Work                                                                             

We will discuss five strategies for dealing with conflict.  Review the benefits and pitfalls of each, and strategies for resolving conflict effectively.

Wellness and Work

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Stress Management                                                                                    We explore the causes and consequences of stress in our lives, and learn about  4 key strategies that are critical to managing stress effectively in today’s world.



Managing Mulltiple Priorities                                             


In this session, participants learn a range of strategies to enable them to organize their day, plan and prioritize, reduce time robbers, manage distractions, leverage their energy, and enhance their productivity.

Building Teams

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Team Building with Personality Dimensions

In this workshop, employees cultivate a greater understanding of self and others.  Individuals experience a greater appreciation of the diversity in their relationships, in order to improve their communication, strengthen their relationships, resolve conflict and enhance team functioning.


From me to we: Promoting Teamwork in the Workplace        


This seminar discusses strategies to motivate employees, build effective teams and cultivate trust in the workplace.

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